Material Poetics

James Longfield and Amy Linford
Newcastle University

Materials qualities are central to the production of architecture, technically, in terms of the pragmatics of construction, and through the social meanings, rituals and memories they embody. Our studio encouraged students to engage with material as the ‘stuff’ of architecture, real, rather than rendered, the thickness, thinness, density, weight of building elements, and the effect these qualities have on the sensory experience of occupation.

Through our Stage 3 design studio students explored a specific material through hands-on investigations, and a year-long engagement with Scarborough on the north east coast as a site of reflection and production. Students' projects have addressed materiality as a way of thinking about building design and detailing as a thoughtful and critical process of material assembly which emerges out of the pragmatics and poetics of material contexts, cultures and politics.

Students: Ryan Bemrose, Angus Brown, Otto Chung, Rhiannon Graham, Thansia Haque, David Jones, Ameeta Ladwa, Natalie Matanda, Izzy Mills-Lyle, Natalie Mok, Ji Chuen Ng, Nial Parkash, Aisha Rasheed, Alice Reeves, Kate Rhodes, Lily Street, Lily Travers.

Guest Critics: Albane Duvillier, Sean Griffiths, Rowan Moore.

Awards: Douglass Wise Memorial Prize - Angus Brown

Lily Travers: