Liquid Vision

James Longfield and Lily Travers

This week-long charrette project was delivered with students from the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape at Newcastle University, in response to the theme; FLUX/FLEX/FLUFF.

Glass is a material of flux + flex. In molten form it is poured and bent into shape, yet it remains in a constant state of flow after its supposed solidification, shifting slowly under gravity over many years. Furthermore, glass mediates both light and vision, affecting our perception of spaces in flux. However, glass’ predominant use as flat and completely transparent belies this crucial role - implying a material without presence and by extension suggesting an un-mediated perception of space.

Through manipulating glass in the design and development of a series of cast glass lenses, students explored the potentials of glass when given a material presence. Through working directly with cast glass in flux students developed bespoke ‘looking glasses’ that offered to alter the inhabitants perception of a space, capturing shifting conditions of vision and light.

Materials for the charrette were predominantly recycled glass, sourced and scavenged by students.